Defending the cyber landscape for God and country

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House Armed Services Committee Vice Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-Tex.), who drafted the language as part of the House-adopted 2012 defense authorization bill, said he was motivated by hearing from commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan frustrated by an inability to protect their forces against attacks they thought were enabled by adversaries spreading information online.

“I have had colonels come back to me and talk about how they thought they could do a better job of protecting their troops if they could deal with a particular Web site,” he said. “Yet because it was cyber, it was all new unexplored territory that got into lots of lawyers from lots of agencies being involved.”


Arid Uka is charged with the murder of two U.S. soldiers and the wounding of two others at Frankfurt International Airport on March 2, 2011. They were on an airport bus when Uka, who worked at the airport, boarded shouting “Allah-u akbar” (God is great) and began shooting. Uka told a German court that he was radicalized by jihadist propagana videos he watched on the Internet.



2 responses to “Extra Stuff

  1. rabid April 11, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    With all the money we (the US) spend on signals intel, its a shame we don’t employ a “reach out and touch” policy on cyberwarfare. Thanks for filling the void raptor.

  2. Robert April 12, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    Please, just contact me. I think there are a few more things that can be done. I know you have my email address because wordpress just sent me a subscription form to your blog. Set up a simple email account and just use it for this then delete it. I understand your need for reclusiveness, I’m the same way, but I also know that two heads are better than one. I have some ideas, but I need some pointers too, so please, just email me and listen. If you’re then not interested, fine. Thanks. Robert.

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